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The Community Learning Exchange

January - August 2019

The Division of Government & Community Relations at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) for over a decade has partnered with grassroots organizations and immigrant communities living in Clonias* to garner greater civic engagement within higher education. By facilitating a process called the Community Learning Exchange (CLE), we utilized deliberative processes to co/create place-based curricula, increase university-youth engagement, and various other initiatives.

While the CLE process had made a great impact on the diversifying how the university designed policies and services, the knowledge of how to conduct a CLE was never recorded succinctly as a process. Through extensive research and facilitating the CLE process, I created a Toolkit and a timeline to document the history of the work so that other communities and institutions can conduct a CLE and amplify the CLE impact.

*Clonias are low-income semi-urban subdivisions outside city jurisdictions along the U.S.-Mexico Border with substandard public services

Photos of two CLE processes: Place-based Curriculum and University-youth Engagement

UTRGV Community Learning Exchange Toolki
Download • 41.76MB


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