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Mapping Polices for a Post-Growth World

October - December 2020

Click on the image to view the map. Image source Mark Henson

Public trust in government is wavering as the promises of neoliberal economic policies are perpetuating inequality, civil unrest, and ecological destruction. The degrowth movement recognizes and recons the ties between endless economic growth and colonialism as roots of the coalescing social, environmental, and economic crises. Degrowth argues for a paradigmatic shift not only in how we organize our economy, but how we relate and connect with the biosphere and all its inhabitants.

The problem with envisioning such dynamic systemic shifts, especially in the realm of policy, is that our communication tools are often narrowed to dense documents and texts, forcing our analysis to be linear while creating barriers to accessibility for large swaths of the population.

This map was inspired to spatially manifest and organize the pluralverse of political possibilities that strive to shift towards an economy that values wellbeing over growth.


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